Saturday 23 March 2013


Last week, we had mild temperatures for a couple of days and my thoughts turned to spring, which according to the calendar, was just around the corner. 
This week, nature had other ideas and the arrival of spring was greeted with a huge snow storm, which dumped about a foot of snow on us in about nine hours. 

The garden, which had been reappearing last week (indeed, the whole of the front garden was snow-free), is now buried under drifts again.

At least this morning, the sun is shining and I can appreciate the beauty of nature from my kitchen window.


  1. Hi Marie!

    What a lot of snow! I can at least sympathise with you as we are currently in the middle of a national Snow Crisis of our own - though thankfully we personally aren't affected, unlike some poor souls in Cumbria who have had 15ft snow drifts! Even more worryingly, there is a news story going round saying that the nation is about to run out of gas... at which point I will hop on a plane to Alicante (British weather be damned!) and start cultivating a tan!

    I do hope that spring comes soon to both of us; I have a limited tolerance of this dreary weather and would really like some sunshine. When do you expect your snow to be over?

    Keep warm!

    Tash from

  2. The calendar says spring, but winter definitely has draper her frosty veil over us here still too... It's been such a long, cold winter. We long for warm sun and blooms now. This afternoon I bake scones for a teatime treat. It feel so nice to be feeling fit again for such things now on the mend from the flu. :o) Happy weekend, Marie... be keeping well and warm! ((LOVE & HUGS))