Tuesday 12 March 2013


Just before illness struck our household, we took a drive up to Cape George and Ballantyne's Cove in search of seals.  I had been told that they were clearly visible on the ice, but on the day we visited, they were tiny black blobs in the distance, as much of the ice had blown off-shore.

Still, the scenery was breath-taking, as was the wind.  The snow along the shoreline was quite deep, so we didn't venture far.

The winter landscape looks so different to the view in summer when the harbour is busy with boats.

The narrow channel seen in this photograph is the only access to water and the seals were on the far side.  There were only a couple of them and even with binoculars, it was difficult to pick them out from that distance.

It was great to get out and see the coast in winter.  I hope that next time we visit, the spring will have arrived and the snow melted.  We may then be able to enjoy sitting at this picnic bench and admiring the view.


  1. The seaside in winter offers a great, different perspective... wonderful images, Marie! Just now surfacing after 2 weeks+ I've been down with flu & migraines--slowly mending. Fist chance I've had to post and visit friends online. So great to catch up with you. :o) Happy Weekend ((HUGS))

  2. What beautiful photos, Marie! Hope you are feeling better now:)