Thursday 19 March 2015

Blizzard Warning

The warnings started last week, but the reality of the latest storm took everybody by surprise.  In the last 24 hours, we have seen 70 cm of snow (more than 2 feet!) and that came on top of Sunday's storm.

We awoke to see snow everywhere.  Even though our drive was ploughed last night, there was no way that we could get out this morning, as strong winds had created huge drifts.

This was the view from our living room window.  The drive was somewhere behind the van....we have been relying on the kindness of neighbours to dig us out since my husband's surgery in Janaury, but this time there was just too much snow and nowhere left to put it.

We had to wait until lunchtime when we managed to get someone with a plough to clear it.

It may officially be spring at the end of the week, but there is no sign of it arriving any time soon.

This is the view of our back garden shed and the neighbour's swing set, almost completely buried in snow.  I am at the point where I never want to see snow again, but I have a feeling that it may be around for many weeks to come.


  1. Oh goodness what a lot of snow - you must be longing for spring. That snow isn't going to disappear very quickly is it? Thank you for you kind comments on my blog Marie and I hope Spring will be with you soon:)

  2. Wow... a LOT of snow! We just had a big dump of snow the end of last week, so I know how you feel... LOL! Oh, spring--it must come soon!! Be keeping warm & safe... ((HUGS))